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Vinyl Banners

Ideal for; Open Days; Sales Promotions; Festivals; Concerts; Sports Days; Parties; Fun Days and lots, lots more.

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    Vinyl Banners

    Quick to deploy and easy to reposition when the occasion demands our Vinyl Banners are terrific low cost, highly visible methods of advertising your goods, services and special events.

    They are ideal for:
    Open Days; Sales Promotions; Festivals; Concerts; Sports Days; Parties; Fun Days and lots, lots more.

    What size of Vinyl Banner can I order?

    Size is no object: our Vinyl Banners can be printed in just about any size you want.

    However, before you decide on the size to order it is worth considering where it’s going to be deployed and how close-by or far away your audience is likely to be.

    Don’t forget, your Vinyl Banner is designed to be read at a distance so be careful of reviewing a proof close-up.

    Most Vinyl Banners are designed to be read from a distance of a few metres up to 50 metres distant. Whilst they will be visible from greater distances the chance that they will be read, and your message absorbed, diminishes rapidly the further away they are.

    Typically, though, a popular sized 2 metre x 1 metre Vinyl Banner can carry all the relevant information required and … be visible from 50 metres.

    What information should I include on my Vinyl Banner

    Don’t forget, your Banner is designed to be read at a distance so be careful of reviewing a proof close-up. All that small text will be legible at arms-length but it’s very unlikely to be read from a distance.

    Keep it simple. A Roller Banner should attract attention and pique a reader’s interest. It’s not there to retell War & Peace.

    Most passers-by will be walking, cycling or driving and the faster you are travelling the less time you have to, a) notice the banner in the first place and b) to read it and absorb the message.

    Keep it simple

    A Vinyl Banner needs to get its message across in seconds as people walk or drive by. Don’t crowd it with too much information – just what’s absolutely necessary for the reader to remember and take action.

    We recommend one big bold headline to attract attention. This would then be followed by a date, time and place of your event. Any other information is supplementary and whilst it might be useful it is not essential for your audience to take in.

    However, if you want your audience to find more information on the web or to book online, then a web address is essential. Top Tip: make sure it is featured prominently and highly visible.

    Track your Effectiveness

    Because vinyl banners are so customizable, you can get creative about using them to track where your customers are coming from.

    If you are really serious about tracking the effectiveness of your adverting why not consider giving each banner a unique URL or racking Telephone Numbers? As feedback comes in and tracking numbers called, you’ll build a very clear picture about which banners and location gets the greatest responses.

    Beware the Eye Test Chart!

    Even if you haven’t had your eyes tested recently, most of us are familiar with the standard chart where you must read rows of letters ever decreasing in size. Well, don’t design your Vinyl Banner to look like one!

    Make them easy to read and cut out the small stuff.

    The Zebra Effect!

    Big, bold colours are very useful to attract attention but be careful with disruptive patterns which make the text difficult to read. They may look attractive close-up but can very effectively camouflage text from a distance. After all, Zebras worked that one out a long time ago.

    Be careful too, with reversed out colours such as white text on a coloured background. If the contrast between background and text is good, then this sort of effect is easy to read close-up – but at a distance? It’s not going to happen, is it?

    The TV Effect

    There’s a very good reason why TV ads are repeated – because it helps adverts to stick in people’s minds.  Don’t just display your message once. Show up all over the place and so often that your advertising becomes a talking point. It’s unlikely that a Vinyl Banner message will go viral but isn’t that what you want!

    Vinyl Banners v Other Advertising

    Imagine the reach and durability you could achieve from a well-placed banner costing little more than £100 and compare that to a Social Media campaign with paid advertising? £100 for a Banner which can last for years compared to (conservatively) £100 per month for paid ads. We live in a digital world but pound for pound offline advertising still cuts it.

    What sort of material are our Banners printed on?

    Most commonly, they are printed on 440gsm outdoor grade PVC. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and … are flame-resistant to DIN4102.

    A 500gsm material is available but only necessary for very large banners used in tension-frame systems.

    We even have a 740gsm PVC material which is the best quality material on the market. It has two layers of PVC with a light-stop material in between. This prevents any show-through from the reverse side so is the perfect solution for double-sided banners.

    Can you print on mesh?

    Yes, we can. Our 340gsm mesh allows for 25% airflow to pass through. PVC mesh banners are best suited for building wraps or very large banners.

    Are your Vinyl Banners fade-resistant?

    Yes, they are! All our Vinyl Banners are printed with fade-proof UV-based inks but their longevity very much depends on where they are sited.

    Banners deployed in shady conditions or facing away from the sun are going to last longer than ones displayed in full sunlight. But by the time that happens your event will be long gone!

    Are they durable?

    They may not be endorsed by Bear Grylls but even our most popular 440gsm PVC material is extremely durable!

    Every banner we make is supplied with a fold-over heat sealed hem and has metal eyelets all round for extra durability.