Tenzing Norgay was in the starting blocks …

26 July 2021

All I had to do was put up some fencing around a Scots Pine tree … And I’d made a bit of a Horlicks of it. If a fencing contractor has seen it, they’d have probably burst out laughing. But that’s without reckoning on Tenzing Norgay – also known as my better three-quarter’s goat which, […]

11 other snakes are helping police with their enquiries …

19 July 2021

For most of us, the loo is a wonderful refuge from life’s struggles. Once we’re locked in, all the horrors of the world are safely locked out … or so we like to think. That’s certainly what Walter Erhart from Graz in Austria thought recently as he settled down for the luxurious experience of one […]

Clarkson’s Farm …

12 July 2021

Euro 2020 might have been dominating the TV schedules recently but there’s something else on the telly which has been doing something quite remarkable. Clarkson’s Farm. Whilst Amazon won’t reveal any viewing figures, all they’ll say is that it’s definitely moved the needle. Management-speak for the numbers have leapt off the graph and are heading […]

Trebles all round …

5 July 2021

I think it’s fair to say that I’d probably be the world’s worst court witness. If asked about my whereabouts at 10:30am on the Monday before last, I wouldn’t have a clue and would probably pass a lie detector test to prove it. But whilst recent experiences are often lost in a misty haze I […]

The Fear Bubble

28 June 2021

For some, fear is jumping out of a plane for the first time and hoping to heck that the bundle of material strapped to your back is going to open before you hit terminal velocity. For others, it might be potholing and trying to ignore the millions of tons of rock above your head and […]

Selling lawn mowers to high-rise flat owners …

21 June 2021

It’s best to check first. Who you are sending promotional material to, I mean. And, more importantly, what you are trying to sell to them. Marketeers are always blathering on about how important it is to segment our lists. And I guess we all sort of know what they mean but nothing makes the point […]

Some people think it’s all about the football …

12 June 2021

So, the Euros are upon us and whether you are football mad or not, the tournament is sure to bring a much-needed feelgood factor to the nation. Some people think it’s all about the football but there’s an interesting takeaway for all of us in business too. Whilst much of the attention is on Gareth […]

Repetition is the key …

7 June 2021

An unexpected run of eye operations has led to some enforced and unwelcome time away from my desk. And whilst Audible is my trusted companion of choice during any down-time, the telly has provided some light relief – especially when concentration levels fall to the level of a 5-year-old who’s just gorged on a ton […]

Held to ransom …

1 June 2021

The Pepperoni and Chorizo wood-fired pizza we ordered from a local restaurant recently was lipsmackingly delicious and definitely one to order again. But it very nearly didn’t happen. It had come by recommendation so with the weekend coming up I jumped on to the restaurant’s website and searched high and low – but any mention […]

The “spiritual” power of print …

24 May 2021

Pilgrims have long trodden the path to holy places and surprisingly, these routes are more popular today than in medieval times. Although today as many travel to escape their hectic lives for a period of self-reflection as they do for religious reasons. Routes around the world abound. Destinations range as far afield as Tibet or […]