Little Hinges Swing Big Doors

10 January 2022

Made any New Year’s resolutions? Me neither. Save for one. I’m done with rushing around trying to change the world around me. Stick at it religiously and by the end of the year you feel like a slither of giant alien leeches have sucked the lifeblood out of you. I mean, boy does it take […]

Seek and you WILL find …

20 December 2021

Just in time for Remembrance Sunday, I finished a wonderful book called “The Searchers”: The Quest for the Lost of the First World War. By November 1918, the whereabouts of over half a million British soldiers remained unknown, and the book details some of the extraordinary searches for the missing which go on to this […]

Keep it Simple …

29 November 2021

Cast your eye over a map of the London Underground today and you see a thing of pure beauty. It’s simplicity personified with clear lines, well-defined colour coding, and easy to read text. In an instant, travellers quickly know how to get from point A to point to point B with the minimum of fuss. […]

A heart stopping moment or collector’s item?

22 November 2021

Printing errors: brown-trouser moments or collectors’ items? Anyone who has ordered print will know that goolie shrivelling experience when they spot a printing error … Sometimes it’s a nasty typo. Just try typing Shire and realising two weeks too late that you’ve hit the adjacent “t” key instead of “r” by mistake and you’ll know […]

Don’t tell me it’s gone up again!

15 November 2021

Paper merchants have been overdosing on blue smarties of late – or so it seems. Barely a week goes by without some hyperactive shroud-waving spokesperson announcing another double-digit increase in paper prices. And with fuel, timber, and just about anything you can think of ramping up in price, I do wonder what is really going […]

A message from outer space …

8 November 2021

I started my day like any other – with a cup of tea as I read through my emails. Everything was hunky-dory until my eyes gazed upon this subject line: “Access Type for Print Parameter and Proposal” Mystified but recognising the sender I thought I’d better take a look and find out more. Dear Business […]

Patting your head and rubbing your tummy …

1 November 2021

Patting your head and rubbing your tum at the same time is a game as old as the hills. I’ll be honest – I never mastered it. Some say it’s a learned behaviour but, to be honest, life’s too short and I’ve got better things to do. But the brain’s ability to process and send signals […]

I’m sure I came in here for something…

25 October 2021

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve rushed from one room to another to fetch something vital … and then completely forgotten what I was looking for. Some might call it amnesia and others absent-mindedness, but a scientist recently ventured that it was nothing of the sort … His theory was that as […]

The best way to plan for tomorrow …?

4 October 2021

Marathon runners feel it at around 18 miles. A wall of pain that feels like you’ll never break through it. But one foot at a time, you do. Work can be a bit like that too, sometimes. Last week my right-hand man was off for a well-deserved week away and I hit my 18-mile barrier […]

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water …

27 September 2021

Sport is probably as close as it comes to having a national religion. For some, it’s the most important thing in the world. And millions of us engage in it every single day. In the end, it’s tribal loyalty to their club or society … For me, I’ve always marvelled at the powerful lessons sport […]