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Fast to Assemble and Easy to Carry

Roller Banners: your Silent Sales Reps that never stop working!

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    Roller Banners

    Ideal for; Trade Stands; Open Days; Sales Promotions; and lots, lots more.

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    Roller Banners are Advertising with Attitude

    Ideal for: Trade Stands; Open Days; Sales Promotions; and lots, lots more.

    Quickly deployed and easy to relocate when the occasion demands our Roller Banners are a great low-cost, highly visible way to advertise your goods, services and special events.

    Our Roller Banners are printed on a heavyweight Polypropylene Light-Block film with an anti-glare finish. A premium banner film which lays flat and doesn’t curl at the edges like cheaper materials. Its grey backing also helps prevent light show-through from behind.

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    Fineline Print and Web | Roller Banners | Some Really Useful Stuff if you are designing your own Roller Banner

    Some Really Useful Stuff if you are designing your own Roller Banner

    Don’t forget, your Roller Banner is designed to be read at a distance so be careful of reviewing a proof close-up.

    Keep it simple. A Roller Banner should attract attention and pique a reader’s interest. It’s not there to retell War & Peace.

    Don’t forget to include your Telephone Number, Email address and … your website so that it’s super easy for people, to get in touch.

    If you’ve got multiple messages to get across it’s worth considering using separate banners for maximum impact. Mixed messages lack clarity and confuse the reader, so keep it simple and to the point.

    Did you know you can reuse your Roller Banner? It’s called re skinning which means you can use the mechanism many times over. We can supply the replacement graphics for you to change or … you can return your old unit to us and we’ll replace it for you.

    6 Great Things about Roller Banners

    1. They Catch Your Attention – A good graphic designer will lay out your Roller Banner so that it catches the eye and effortlessly draws passers-by in.

    It’s good to remember the ‘less is more’ approach and don’t cram in too much information because it won’t get read. The use of strong vibrant colours and short, snappy sentences is much more likely to draw people in and have them remember your message.

    Make good use of pictures too. One good strong image along with the benefits of your offer or service will create a strong emotional bond between you and your potential customer.

    2. Longevity – Premium banners can be used and reused many times over making them highly cost-effective marketing tools.

    Top tip for extra longevity: Try to avoid using specific dates, times and prices on your banners unless absolutely necessary. This sort of information dates very quickly prevents you using them again.

    3. Easily Portable – Their light weight and compact carrying case means that you can take them with you anywhere. 

    4. Easy to assemble – Roller Banners really are very easy to assemble – just unpack the support pole, pull the banner up and you’re done! The beauty of them is that you can take them to an event and have them set up in a moment.

    Roller Banners work using a spring-loaded retractable graphic where you pull the banner up from the base unit and hook it over the support pole. When you are finished, simply release the hook at the top and it rolls right back down again. Even better, our banners include a lightweight carry case with everything packed away neatly for moving from venue to venue.

    5. Minimum space required – The beauty of Roller Banners is that they take up so little floor space which is a boon if you are exhibiting in a confined area.

    They’re great for corridors too because you can deploy multiple banners all carrying different messages to create a massive visual impact as visitors walk in and out of an exhibition.

    6. Attending a big event or hosting a pop-up shop? – Your dependable roller banner will be there to take your message to the masses!

    Beware of Cheap Roller Banner Base Units

    As the old saying goes, you usually get what you pay for and this truism most certainly applies to Roller Banners.

    Budget base units usually have one or two feet which swivel out to stabilise the units. But the units are usually light weight and the feet small which doesn’t make for great stability.

    They should be fine in areas where there is low footfall and … minimal air movement. But any significant draughts are likely to topple your banner.

    Fineline Print and Web | Roller Banners | Budget Roller Banner Film

    Budget Roller Banner Film

    The cheapest budget Roller Banner graphics will often be printed on an economy grade vinyl. This type of material is thin and susceptible to light show-through from behind and … can be prone to curling at the edges. Neither drawbacks are likely to showcase your wares in the best possible light.

    Premium Roller Banner base units

    however, offer a much more stable platform. With a wider and heavier base these units not only have a more stylish profile but provide for greater peace of mind in draughty and high footfall areas as this image shows.

    Fineline Print and Web | Roller Banners | Premium Roller Banner base units

    Fineline Print and Web | Roller Banners | Premium Roller Banner Film

    Premium Roller Banner Film

    In contrast to their cheaper siblings, Premium Banners will be printed on a dense multi-layered grey-backed film. This material has a matt coating on the front and a grey light-block coating on the reverse side to prevents light show-through in well-lit areas. This type of film is also very stable, lies flat and is unlikely to curl at the edges in the way that cheaper films do.

    Banners & Display

    Whatever the event, whether is an exhibition or an in-house event, Roller Banners and Vinyl Banners are the go-to guys to get your message noticed.

    Easy to carry and fast to deploy they don’t break the bank and are easy to pack away and use again and again!

    As popular as these two promotional stalwarts are, there’s more, lots more.

    There’s Pop-Up Stands, Fabric Displays, Flags, Wall Coverings, Foamex and Correx Boards, Tablecloths, Floor Mats and even Ceiling Tiles.

    If it stands still long enough, we can cover it in graphics. That means floors, ceilings, walls and windows!

    hole arsenal of display tools at your disposal.

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