Please keep my details on file …

An email I received just after New Year grabbed my attention right away.

I think it was from a guy called Pete, but I can’t be sure.

We’d been thinking on and off about how to solve a dilemma and the email which had just pinged into my inbox suggested that he might have an answer.

The only problem was that I was caught up in other stuff and couldn’t deal with it then and there.

Pete and I messaged each other briefly before he signed off with the classic words asking me to keep his details on file.

And then other stuff got in the way – and I’ve never heard from him since.

That little incident sprang to mind the other day when something happened out of the blue and I needed to find his email.

After lying dormant for so long, our challenge had suddenly leapt to number one on my to-do list and I needed to talk to Pete. Fast.

Despite using every search-term I could think of I never did manage to find his email and had to admit defeat.

The frustrating thing was that it would have been a certain sale for Pete’s business and a problem easily solved for me. If only …

If only he’d stayed in touch.

The truth is that our memories are more fallible than we care to admit and unless we keep in touch with our customers it’s all too easy to be forgotten.

Unless they are regular, emails can be a bit iffy but stuff that sticks around is better.

What price a few pence for a monthly postcard mailer or leaflet which doesn’t get lost in the digital clutter?

By showing up consistently you’re right there as a reminder when people need you!

Food for thought this week perhaps.

I’m here for a chat if you want to bounce around a few ideas over the phone or … arrange a Zoom call.

Stay safe.


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