A fox in the hen shed …

It doesn’t take too much imagination to figure out what happens when a fox gets into a hen shed.

We used to keep a few hens in the garden, and it was an occupational hazard.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Bloodbath at the House of Death – take your pick. Both describe the scenes of devastation we’ve experienced over the years.

For my brother, however, it’s not just an occupational hazard, it’s an existential threat.

Because he runs a free-range flock of hens, and a hungry fox on the prowl can be a disaster.

So, imagine the feeling when he found one sitting rather smugly in the corner of one of his hen sheds one morning recently.

Expecting to see scores, possibly hundreds of hens either dead or maimed he found not one single feather out of place.

Whether Mr Fox was scared out of his wits, we’ll never know but there he sat with a 10-foot gap of a sawdust-covered floor, a sort of no-man’s land, between him and a thousand pairs of hostile eyes.

It was probably to do with safety in numbers, but this true story does tell us that sometimes things can lead to surprising outcomes.

In our industry, a sudden change in the design remit or print spec can lead to something truly special.

One of our favourite stories involves a customer who came to us with a vague idea. They weren’t sure what they wanted, but after a bit of toing and froing, we created something that far exceeded their expectations.

Their reaction was priceless and reminded us why we love what we do.

These surprising outcomes teach us valuable lessons about staying flexible and being open to new possibilities.

In print, as in life, sticking too rigidly to the plan can sometimes limit the potential for something truly special.

Have a great week.