A message from outer space …

I started my day like any other – with a cup of tea as I read through my emails.

Everything was hunky-dory until my eyes gazed upon this subject line:

“Access Type for Print Parameter and Proposal”

Mystified but recognising the sender I thought I’d better take a look and find out more.

Dear Business Partner, I was cheerfully greeted.

Attached is the document according to the subject line.


If you can crack that one, I bet you can do the Times Crossword in under 30 minutes.

At this point, I’m wondering if I’ve missed something, or if the email was meant for someone else, or if it came from Skye, one of the stars of this year’s John Lewis advert, who’d just arrived from outer space?

But one thing’s certain – it’s not the best way to engage your reader and persuade them to act.

Not by a long chalk.

Dead, lumpen language devoid of any warmth or emotion in your promotional material is the fastest route to the round filing cabinet under your desk.

And sometimes it’s as simple as having someone to bounce ideas off, so you can avoid sending out generic emails that’ll take a quick pit-stop in your reader’s email inbox before setting up camp in their bin.

If you want a sounding board about your marketing material, I’m on hand for a chat. Just hit reply or give us a call.

Stay safe.