Calendars: the unbreakable rule …

They say there’s nothing new under the sun and they’re probably right.

Adverts for 2021 calendars are arriving thick and fast.

Big ones, little ones, wide ones, and tall ones – all with one unbreakable rule which I’ll tell you about in a mo.

But one caught my eye – waxing lyrical about its amazing colour pictures.

And they were spot-on, they were amazing but photos on calendars are not something some immodest marketing genius invented yesterday.

In fact, shock-horror, they’ve been used since medieval times and beautifully illustrated they were too – as you can see.

Yet calendars as we know them go back further than that, much further. Possibly as far back as the Bronze age – nearly 5,000 years ago.

But it would be hard to beat the oldest “calendar” ever discovered; in Aberdeenshire and a staggering 10,000 years old.

I say “calendar” in inverted commas because it is a serious of pits dug into the ground and depicts the lunar cycles, but it is an amazing structure and right on our doorstep too.

(one for the bucket list when this dratted lockdown ends, perhaps?)

Remarkable as it may be, it’s hardly something you can pop in the post to your best customers!

But whatever calendars you send this year – make sure they’re special because there’s one unbreakable rule:

… the less you spend, the closer they end up to being hung up in the loo.

Great, eye-catching calendars end up in pride of place at home or office, but the low-budget ones only end up in one place.

The calendar hall of shame … in the factory floor thunder box and probably next to the grubby soap and paper towel dispensers. Both empty, naturally.

Don’t let yours end up there too!

Why not let us help you make your customers feel super special every single day of the year with an eye-catching personalised 2021 Calendar or Desk Pad?

Ping me a message right now and we’ll be on to it – sharpish.

Food for thought this week perhaps.

And I’m here for a chat too if you want any help to get started.

Stay safe.


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