Hungry PC’s 80mph crash …

After a tiring 12-hour shift, PC John Byrne was looking forward to getting back to the station and clocking off.

Just as he thought he could relax his phone buzzed and a message popped up on the screen.

One he couldn’t ignore.

As the adrenalin surged through his veins, on went the blue lights and his foot slammed down hard on the accelerator pedal.

In seconds he’d hit 80 miles an hour and jumped a red light in a desperate attempt to fulfil his call.

Which was unfortunate, really.

He was in a 40mph area, jumping a red light is a bit of a no-no as is crashing into an innocent driver who’d had the misfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

At the subsequent enquiry, the 28-year old officer from Merseyside Police was banned from the roads but managed to keep his job – albeit with a final written warning.

It was only then that the details of that fateful message which had so seized PC Byrne was revealed.

It had been a WhatsApp message from Byrne’s wife telling him what she’d cooked for his dinner.

As bizarre as this real-life story may seem it does have a powerful message to all business owners and marketing execs.

Words can move people to do extraordinary things.

As Lockdown-2 bites and with less distraction from the usual day to day, what a tremendous opportunity to have another look at our sales material.

Is it really as good as we think?

Will it drive customers to our door like PC Byrne?

Will our website crash under a deluge of hits?

Without seeing it, I can’t say but with every sale treated like gold-dust right now, can we run the risk of a single missed opportunity?

Food for thought this week – perhaps?

And I’m here for a chat if you want to bounce around a few ideas.

Stay safe.


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