Don’t build a lighthouse in the desert …

For over a millennium the great Lighthouse of Alexandria shone out over the Nile Delta.

Flames leaping skyward atop its 350-foot stone tower to guide ships into the bustling port of Alexandria.

As one of the Seven Wonders of the World it is undoubtedly the most famous lighthouse in antiquity.

The world over, lighthouses have been built in strategic coastal locations. Their intensely bright beacons shining out over the seas; much to the comfort of mariners – even today.

But have you ever seen a lighthouse in a desert?

Thought not.

But businesses are building their kind every day.

And they are called websites.

Over half a million of them world-wide go live every day and many are outstanding.

But many, unfortunately, are like lighthouses in the desert.

They may be brilliant, but they’re next to useless … because they’re invisible.

Great care may have been taken in the design, huge effort poured into creating world-beating content but if your audience can’t see it, what’s the point?

Our pointy-headed friends in IT call it SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

And all that really means is doing stuff to make sure that your website gets found.

It’s not rocket science but there is an art to it.

If your visitor numbers aren’t what they should be or if you’ve got a gut feeling that things just aren’t right and you want a second opinion, give me a shout and I’ll be happy to take a no-obligation look for you.

Food for thought this week perhaps.

I’m here for a chat if you want to bounce around a few ideas over the phone or … arrange a Zoom call.

Stay safe.


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