Einstein’s Failed Intelligence Test …

Albert Einstein, a man whose name defined genius was one of the greatest minds of the 20th century.

Perhaps one of the greatest of all time.

So, could it be possible that he’d once failed an intelligence test?

The test, 146 questions devised by that other great genius of the time, Thomas Edison after he despaired of the quality of the candidates applying to work for the great inventor.

Whether or not Einstein attempted to answer all 146 questions, no one knows but one he couldn’t reply to was “What is the speed of sound”.

In all truth, Edison’s questions were more a memory test than anything.

But it does illustrate the point that while many of our customers might be geniuses, we shouldn’t expect them to know everything about the products and services we provide.

Or, more importantly, the benefits which they bestow on the user.

If we don’t articulate those benefits with passion and clarity, why should they?

That’s up to us to do in our promotional material – offline and online.

A thought to hold as we start to plan our marketing and promotional calendar for 2024.

Until next time.