Held to ransom …

The Pepperoni and Chorizo wood-fired pizza we ordered from a local restaurant recently was lipsmackingly delicious and definitely one to order again.

But it very nearly didn’t happen.

It had come by recommendation so with the weekend coming up I jumped on to the restaurant’s website and searched high and low – but any mention of pizzas was between zero and absolutely nil – and zero had just left town.

Nothing unusual for the male of the species, you might think because we’re well know for not spotting things which are right under our noses.

How many times have I searched in vain for a clean pair of socks, only to be told in withering tones that they were right under my nose? Which of course, they usually are.

So, back I went for another more thorough look but still nothing.

Luckily for me, someone with a little more nous suggested I look on their Facebook page. Lo and behold, there were the pizzas and a minute or so later our order was placed.

Saturday evening soon arrived and off I toddled to pick up our much-anticipated feast.

Whilst waiting I managed to have a quick chat with one of the business owners and an opportunity to ask why their takeaway menu was nowhere to be found on their website.

It turns out that their web designer’s response times were so slow that they were measured in glacial terms which meant that updates only happened when their web guy felt like it.

Not good for any business which needs to change their content regularly – hence them utilising Facebook for their takeaway menus.

The takeout in this …?

Your website is your shop window to the world.

It tells people who you are, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.

If your web designer is compromising the way you want to do business because their idea of urgent is diametrically opposed to yours then it’s time to ask if the tail is wagging the dog.

Food for thought, perhaps, this week?

But for now, …

If you want a sounding board or just want to bend my ear, I’m on hand for a chat about anything to do with Print or Web Design.

Stay safe.


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