Murdered sprouts …

With the excitement of Easter almost upon us, you might think it a tad odd to hark back to Christmas.

Yes, it is but a distant memory and with the Spring Equinox now behind us, Christmas is but a distant spec in the rearview mirror.

And yet …

It does have a very salient lesson for us which has just reminded me to complete a very important task.

Once the feasting table has been cleared away and the murdered sprouts have completed their troubled journey along the alimentary canal, we love nothing better than a long walk and a stop-off at a favourite haunt for tea and cake along the way.

Yes, they’ll be open I confidently declared having checked their Google profile.

Only to discover a dreaded “Closed” sign hanging in the window when we eventually got there.

Something that also happened at another destination only a few days later. Maybe it was those sprouts after all …

Scott of the Antarctic it was not because we were hardly suffering from cold and malnutrition.

But slightly annoying all the same.

So, my thought for the week …

It only takes a moment to update our Google and Bing business profiles to let our customers know whether we really are open or not.

And nothing peeves them more than being told a business is open when it most definitely is not.

Just for the record, we are closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday and may I wish you a very restful, relaxing, and well-earned break.

Until next time.