The Dashing Count …

On the 18th of December, the dashing Count rocketed across the finishing line and into the record books.

Count Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat had just set the first land speed record of 39.24mph and the date was December 1898.

And his car?

An electric-powered Jeantaud Duc, apparently. Who’d have guessed that EVs were all the rage back then!

Just four years later that record had climbed to 76.6mpm.

Sir Malcolm Campbell smashed that out of site when he reached a hitherto unimaginable 301.13mph just 37 years later.

Three decades after that, his son Donald added another ton.

And on it went until October 1997 when Briton Andy Green broke the sound barrier when he hit 763mph in Thrust SSC on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

An almost 20-fold increase in 99 years.

And the takeaway for those of us, like me, not obsessed with speed?

Continuous Improvement.

We don’t have to perfect something to the nth degree before we roll it out.

Good is good enough.

Get that new website launched, that new product rolled out, that marketing blitz underway.

Sitting on the side-lines waiting until it is perfect doesn’t help anyone.

Get it out there.

Then improve it and keep improving it until it hurts.

As the rays of hope start to peep through the gloom your business deserves it, you deserve it and all those who depend on you deserve it too.

Food for thought this week – perhaps?

And I’m here for a chat if you want to bounce around a few ideas.

Stay safe.


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