The Pyramid Stage …

Whilst all eyes and ears may have been on Glastonbury recently Ruthin was staging its own musical extravaganza with the Ruthin Festival.

We may not have a ruined abbey or a mystical Tor, but we do have a mediaeval castle and the ruins of the Jubilee Tower.

And … a group of enterprising individuals who also staged the very first Ruthin International Arts Festival.

So, creativity and dynamic art abound in this quiet corner of North Wales which we are so lucky to be able to enjoy in such beautiful surroundings.

Now it’s no secret that dynamic art is usually way out of my comfort zone and alarm bells ring frantically at its very mention. But not so my better three quarters who couldn’t wait to go.

Back she duly came regaling me with some of the spectacular and thought-provoking items she’d seen which clearly had taken a great deal of time, creativity and skill to put together.

Many sounded quite extraordinary whilst some had me scratching my head in bewilderment. The odd one, however, had me wanting to wrap my head in a hot towel and call for a nurse.

But whether someone likes something or not is beside the point because we are all different and are attracted to and respond to different things.

And long live the difference.

We may think that the products and services we offer are the dog’s doo-dahs but just because they appeal to us, they might not necessarily appeal to everyone.

Opening ourselves up to a little diversity of thought and opinion is always a good thing.

Have a great week.