30 million years to perfect their craft …

Almost 400 feet below us, a light surf crashed gently against the cliff.

The sun shone and a breeze blew gently across the Irish Sea before quietly brushing up and over the cliff top.

It was a hot midsummer’s day, all was still, the insects buzzed, and the world was at peace.

As I sat watching, a large gull floated softly up out of the haze – so slowly that it seemed to hang in the air.

Time seemed to stand still as it made its way effortlessly and imperceptibly slowly along the clifftop.

Following the contours of the ground below with the slightest tweak of its tail feathers or the barely noticeable dip of a wing tip.

And then it was gone.

It was impossible not to marvel at the ease with which my new feathered friend mastered its environment.

At one with the elements, it made life look just too easy. But then they’ve had over 30 million years to perfect their craft.

My mind quickly contrasted the effortless scene with the almost gladiatorial efforts I see customers put into trying to do their own graphic design.

Of course, many do it well, but others make it look like a scene from SAS Who Dares Wins. Blood, sweat and tears don’t even come close.

Sure, they save a few quid by doing it themselves but how many hours could they by simply outsourcing the work.

Whilst we haven’t quite had 30 million years perfecting our craft we Can make life a great deal easier for you.

So, if you’ve got any projects you’re thinking of pressing ahead with, I’m on hand for a chat about anything to do with Graphic Design or Web Design.

Stay safe.