Chin Chin, Cheers, Próst, Ya Mas …

Now, I’m as partial to a glass of fizz as anyone – but English sparkling?

Delicious though it is, it’s got a few too many zeros on the end for me.

Although if a generous host happens to press a glass or two on me, I’m not refusing!

So, when a catalogue dropped through the letterbox the other day recently it was paid NO attention for fear of having my bank account emptied faster than a raid by Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.

But life has a habit of playing funny tricks.

A little while later and under dire threat from my precious dumpling to sort out my untidy clutter on the table, out it popped again. Only this time it was impossible to ignore.

All 28 pages printed on 170gsm fine uncoated paper and pictures portraying a dreamy haziness of the heady days of high summer.

It was impossible not to be drawn in and flick through page after page of pure emotional blackmail.

It just oozed quality and full marks to the marketing genius who put it all together because they may have converted a once reluctant customer into an engaged buyer.

This proves two things.

  1. A beautifully printed item sticks around a LOT longer than most of the digital clutter in your inbox and …

  2. Print does engage ALL the senses; the touch, the feel and the look have a draw that keeps you going back time after time.

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Stay safe.