Emergency Stop

I just about remember doing an emergency stop in my driving test.

It wasn’t much fun but, hey, I passed.

What WAS fun, though, was learning to drive in an old Morris 8 out in the fields.

The petrol tank had been removed for safety reasons, but we lashed a half-gallon mower fuel tank to the engine – naturally, of course.

We then linked it up to the carburettor with a short length of rubber hose from a milking machine and we were away.

And with so much blue smoke and spectacular backfiring, it could have been mistaken for a Royal Navy war-games diversionary tactic.

I’m not sure it’d pass ANY safety checks, but it was bucket loads of fun.

What wasn’t quite so much fun was the emergency stop a customer experienced last week when their website hit the buffers at 90 miles an hour after being hit by hackers.

I’ll be honest, it should NEVER have happened.

But the owners had decided to wing it. Reasoning that a few extra quid in the coffers every month was worth the risk!

And it wasn’t pretty.

Just think about your website for a minute.

If it went down, what would be the cost to your business? Precisely.

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Stay safe.