Cranking it up to the max

The business pages in the Sunday newspapers don’t tend to be a barrel of laughs, do they?

Let’s be honest, the articles as dry as chalk dust baked under the burning sun of the Kalahari Desert – I half expect to find tumbleweed rolling across the breakfast table.

They are not the most uplifting of stories, but I do like to take a glance.

Although it’s probably fear of missing out (FOMO) as much as anything else.

But now and again, I do come across something that piques my interest …

The other week there was a fascinating story about the new phase three of the Dogger Bank Windfarm – due to come on-stream on 2026.

Comprising 190 turbines, almost as tall as the London Shard, just one turn of one of these monster’s blades is enough to power a home with electricity for more than two days.

As soon as I read it, I realised there must be a business lesson in there somewhere.

And there is.

Whilst many try LOADS of things to generate leads and enquiries, with varying results. The super-successful KNOW what works and crank it up to the max.

But how do YOU know what works?

Take a dive into your Google Analytics, Google Ads or CRM and take a peek at the numbers. You may be in for a surprise.

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Stay safe.