Make my day …

If just one order came in today, what would you want it to be?

The type of order that would make your day.

Last year I was asked that same question and unhesitatingly answered; a “Self- Published Book”

Well, where are they featured on your website?

Cue much embarrassing shuffling of feet whilst my steam-powered brain got into gear – it was nowhere to be found.

You see, people know we do them and they simply come in and asked, so I never gave it much thought …

Long story short.

Less than a week later, we had a brand-new web page with 1,000+ words of copy drafted by yours truly.

And we finally began to tell the world what I had naively assumed they knew already.

It was no coincidence that new enquiries started rolling in.

And last month, we received an order from the National Library of Wales – a blue-chip client in this sphere if there ever was one.

And they didn’t find us by telepathy, either.

Sometimes the bleedin’ obvious is right under our noses – if only we asked ourselves the right questions …

It’s the principle of Occam’s Razor – the simplest answer is most often correct.

If one particular product is your star, then what can you do to showcase it?

We’re always looking for the next Big Thing when the answer is often a lot closer to home than we care to admit.

And on that note, if you want a sounding board or just want to bend my ear, I’m on hand for a chat about anything to do with Print or Web Design.

Stay safe.