Mundane marvels …

Food markets are some of my favourite places.

Full of wonderful smells and delicious treats that assail the senses.

Costermongers of old knew all the tricks of their trade as they piled their most colourful wares to catch the eye of passing trade.

Some of the cannier ones would spray fresh fruit with a fine mist and claim that theirs was the freshest and most wholesome in the marketplace.

Groaning tables of cheeses, jars of homemade pickles, locally gathered honey and treats of every kind are on display to tempt the hungry shopper.

How can anyone resist?

Appealing to our stomachs is one thing, but how do we tempt people if our wares are more mundane?

Maybe we can shout from the rooftops about being the best or the cheapest.

Maybe we can claim to be reassuringly expensive.

But above all, maybe the best strategy is just to tell people what you do.

One of our unsung heroes is our shop and we want to celebrate what we have to offer.

Much of what we do are the unsung heroes of everyday business life.

You might not need every item every day. But when you need them, you need them.

This is a tiny snapshot of what we do so why not give us a call to help you keep the wheels of your mission-critical projects turning.

Until next time.