Royal rogues and rascals …

In the rich tapestry of our royal rogues and rascals poor old Queen Anne seems to have been a bit of a dull old thing.

But who could have guessed her obsession with candles would have such a profound influence on our retail landscape?

For those living on a shoestring in the early 1700s, tallow lamps and burning rushes would have been the order of the day with wax candles only the preserve of the very well off.

Anne was obsessed with having a well-lit palace and insisted on fresh candles every evening – discarding all the previous day’s lot even if only part used. 

No one paid much attention to how many were being wasted until one day an enterprising footman, William Fortnum, had an idea.

Stockpiling the discarded stumps, he melted them down and made new until he had enough to start a side-line selling them off.

 In partnership with his landlord, one Hugh Mason, they decided to go into business and the rest, as they say, is history.

From melted candles to £134 million turnover and one of the world’s greatest department stores, Fortnum & Mason is no mean feat.

Sure, a lot else happened along the way, but great things do grow from humble beginnings.

And without doubt, the hardest part of any project is getting started.

Of all the plans we have made at the end of last year only a tiny handful are likely to ever get off the drawing board.

All that enthusiasm. All that dynamism. All gone to waste unless we get our backsides into gear and bloody well get started.

The turkey leftovers are long gone so it’s time to roll up our sleeves and put those plans into action.

One step at a time.

2021 could be the year when it happens for us but only if we’re brave enough to do something about it.

It doesn’t matter how small but imperfect action beats inaction – every time.

Perhaps it’s a new website? A new brochure? A new promotional campaign? More sales? More customers?

Who knows?

But it’s up to you.

If you want a sounding board or just want to bend my ear, I’m on hand for a chat about anything to do with print or web design.

Food for thought this week – perhaps?

Stay safe.