Who cares about your logo …?

Honestly, who really cares about your logo?

And I wonder if anyone asked the Royal British Legion before they splashed out close to £100,000 on their new logo and endured an alarming flurry of brickbats last week for their troubles.

I bet they wished they’d never bothered.

Sure, we all want to show it off and give it pride of place in all our communications but sometimes it goes too far.

Fine if you’re NatWest, the John Lewis Partnership, or British Airways but further down the chain … really?

How many of us, hand on heart can truly attest to securing an order on the back of our logo?

But the sweat, tears and tantrums that go into getting it just right are often a mystery to me which sounds rather thoughtless coming from a business which does Graphic Design.

I do get it – but we’ve got to realise that our logo is much more important to us than it is to our customers.

Attempting to win the Turner Prize for art is way down the list of priorities.

Just getting in touch with your customers a bit more often and making them feel valued and appreciated is going to win you far more orders than shovelling barrowloads of hard-earned cash into a revamped logo.

Food for thought during lockdown, perhaps?

But for now, …

If you want a sounding board or just want to bend my ear, I’m on hand for a chat about anything to do with Print or Web Design.

Stay safe.