Is Professor Brian Cox thick?

Is Professor Brian Cox thick?

The professor of particle physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester?

Of course not!

The guy’s a genius.

But the interesting thing is that he only got a D in Maths at school.

This is the guy who could split the atom while he’s having a cup of tea and … jot down the calculations on one side of A4 before he’s finished dunking his Ginger Nut biscuit.

Realising that he needed to knuckle down he rolled his sleeves up and dived back into his studies. Big time.

And now?

He’s one of the best-known scientists in the country with a well-deserved reputation to boot.

So, if you’re not tidying up your website copy or rewriting some of your promotional material because you don’t think you’re very good at it. It might be time to think again.

If you are not working on stuff like this right now, your competitors are sure as hell to be going gangbusters at it.

Your first attempts may not be Pulitzer prize winning. But it’s a start and it can only get better.

Food for thought during a dull, drizzly, dreary February, perhaps?

But for now, …

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Stay safe.