Clarkson’s Farm …

Euro 2020 might have been dominating the TV schedules recently but there’s something else on the telly which has been doing something quite remarkable.

Clarkson’s Farm.

Whilst Amazon won’t reveal any viewing figures, all they’ll say is that it’s definitely moved the needle.

Management-speak for the numbers have leapt off the graph and are heading for the heart of the sun.

And you don’t have to be called Sherlock to work out why.

Clarkson tells a good story, and he tells it how it is.

The language is a bit industrial at times and non-PC asides fly around at head height like whizzing bullets.

But the interesting thing is, it’s not all about him.

A rich cast of wonderful bucolic characters are just as much a part of the story as the eponymous man himself.

If anyone wants a lesson in writing great copy, this is it. Served up on a plate.

People sense immediately if they are about to be drenched in bulls**t which is why viewers love this TV rascal’s tale.

Because it comes right from the heart. Warts and all.

So … what’s your story?

Food for thought, perhaps, this week?

But for now, …

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Stay safe.