Have you got the keys to the Rolls …?

“I never invent anything, because inventors go broke.”

So said, Sir Frederick Henry Royce, he of Rolls Royce fame, to anyone who would listen.

When we think of this most famous of marques, Rolls is the name which usually springs to mind.

But it was Sir Henry Royce who was the engineering genius behind their success.

His favourite maxim was “to take the best and make it better.”

And that’s exactly what he did.

Never one to rush off on wild goose chases and losing his shirt in the process.

Royce would take a competitor’s design and not be content to just make it better but make it the best in the world.

He did it not only because he was a brilliant engineer but also because it was the cheapest, quickest, and surest route to his goal.

And it’s a leaf we can take out of his book as we plan our way out of lockdown.

Why spend weeks conjuring up cunning plans when we have proven routes to market at our disposal?

Food for thought as February draws to a close.

As a fascinating aside, the history books tell us that Charles Rolls and Henry Royce met in Manchester in 1904 when Rolls was just 27 years old and Royce, 14 years his senior.

But it is quite possible that Royce, then working as a Post Office messenger boy, delivered congratulatory telegrams to the parents of his future business partner, on the occasion of their son’s birth.

Working from the Mayfair Post Office in central London, his beat included 35 Hill Street, where Charles Stewart Rolls was born.

But for now, …

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