Patience is a virtue …

It’s an astonishing thought that the summit of Mount Everest is made of Limestone.

Which means that around 450 million years ago it once formed part of the seafloor.

With the summit now standing at 29,032 feet, that seafloor has moved an awful long way over those mega-anna (*) and continues to do so at around 5mm every year.

If patience is a virtue the highest peak in the world has it in spades.

Only a short thought for the week but as we fret and sweat to get stuff done in double-quick time perhaps a little patience on our part might be a virtue too.

Cut yourself some slack and give yourself permission to reflect on how far you’ve come rather than beating yourself up about how much there is to do.

Little wins every day, or every week soon start to add up.

Food for thought during a chilly lockdown February.

(*) Millions of years, apparently, and I had to look it up too.

But for now, …

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Stay safe.