It could be you …

Pick up almost any magazine or newspaper and you’re sure to find a book review section.

Whether it’s fiction or fantasy. Crime or drama. A fast-paced thriller or something a little more sedate there are books to cater for every taste.

Some may gravitate towards great wordsmiths such as Dickens or Shakespeare.

Their prodigious output, interestingly, was outdone by Churchill who wrote more than both combined – a fact which surprised me the first time I found out.

Whatever your tastes, we forget that all these wonderful tomes have been written by actual people.

Some with extraordinary insight, others with great life stories to share but they all excite our imagination and take us into a world beyond our own.

And one of those books could be written by you.

Everyone has a book in them, or so the saying goes.

But so very few take up the challenge – and those who do are richly rewarded.

Not necessarily financially, because that’s rarely the prime motivation. But to attain a sense of achievement and the glow of fulfilment that a self-published book brings.

So, if you have got a book project that you’d like to talk about then why not give me a call for a chat?

Stay safe.