The Premonitions Bureau …

I was sat discussing the renovations to a large house outside the village where I live the other day while idly passing the time.

Once upon a time it was a small pig farm, and latterly an agricultural machinery repairs business …

But all the old buildings have recently been demolished and the ground extensively landscaped.

The property is now unrecognisable, and I recalled how the farm had been hit by the 1967 Foot & Mouth outbreak.

I remembered the large mound where the pigs had been buried but now part of a wonderful new garden.

Fast forward four days later I was nearing the end of my latest audiobook: The Premonitions Bureau.

A fascinating book, it recounts a variety of events around the world and asks the question: were all the premonitions of these incidents credible or just coincidence?

It deals mainly with the Aberfan disaster and a variety of notable plane and train calamities but as I was walking past the former pig farm the narrative suddenly switched to the 1967 Foot & Mouth outbreak.

I was standing 30 yards from where the old burial mound was as the author recounted how the outbreak had started on a pig farm where all the pigs had to be slaughtered.

It was the only mention of the outbreak in the whole book, and it happened at THAT particular moment.

Was that an extraordinary coincidence or pure chance?

While amazing things do happen purely by chance but relying on chance alone is not a sound strategy.

As the saying goes; “If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail”.

So, if you’ve got any projects you’re thinking of pressing ahead with, I’m on hand for a chat about anything to do with Web Design or Print.

Stay safe.