Mad dogs and Englishmen …

I’m writing this on the hottest day of the year so far.

Eggs really could be fried on the pavement outside and we’re experiencing the sort of heat that would have Lawrence of Arabia reaching for a cold beer.

Who, incidentally was born only 40 miles west of here in the village of Tremadog.

But chilly days will undoubtedly arrive again soon (they might have returned by the time you read this) which is why I spent last weekend filling up our log shed in anticipation of the inevitable return of Autumn.

With days so cold that your bones ache and you can feel Jack Frost’s icy tentacles squeezing your vitals.

Thankfully, those days are still a long way off so why not kick back and enjoy summer’s sunny delights safe in the knowledge that winter’s icy grip can be kept at bay for another year.

If it all sounds too clever by half, it’s not meant to be.

Acting now means that I get the best logs at the best price in a matter of days and … well before winter tries to kick the door down with its icy blasts.

It’s the same logic that sees people head to the January sales for next year’s Christmas decorations.

Scrambling to get stuff done against the clock is tiring and costly. And if it’s an ingrained habit it becomes a life-shortening experience …

So, if you have any Autumn events, promotions or exhibitions I’m on hand for a chat about anything to do with Web Design or Print.

Stay safe.